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nhr- neuro hypnotic repatterning nhr- neuro hypnotic repatterning    
Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning 2001
Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning 2007
Specialist Practitioner in Hypnotic Repatterning 2010
  Neuro Linguistic
Programming Practitioner

  Neuro Linguistic Programming
Master Practitioner

  Neuro Linguistic Programming
Provisional Trainer

  Neuro Linguistic Programming
Training Specialist
Kenneth Blake
Executive MBA
  European Engineer
    Master of Science
Computer Science
and Engineering
  Master of Management /

NLP trainings with:

Richard Bandler

John LaValle

Paul McKenna

Michael Breen

Michael Neill


Me surrounded by some of the important licenses and exams.

Nine (nearly lost count of them) NLP licences and three academical degrees.

If you click on them you can read them.

But the real question is: What can I do for You?

And how well?


I started with electronics at the age of 14, went to four year technical gymnasium in telecomunications and then further on with a master's in Computer Science and Engineering.

I worked a decade with realtime operating systems and computer language implementations and software tools and stuff.

After that, I started a company Oberon and continued as a software consultant for digital signal processors, embedded systems and realtime operating systems.

After another decade I started to read about NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis around the year 2000 and got caught.

So I found yet another interest.

I had also gained an Executive Master of Business Administration degree and a Master's degree in Management and Organisation. I like exercising my brain to keep busy. Some collect stamps, I collect academical titles.

A few years ago, I helped a friend to start up a business, a clinic for Plastic Surgery www.strandkliniken.se. Where I currently spend much time.

For a technical perspective of me you can visit www.oberon.se

For public speaking and NLP courses and trainings see www.goodman-blake.com