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(Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning)
is the next step
derived from NLP.




Someone asked about NLP and NHR
and the following methapor cleared
some stuff out.

If your car stops in the middle of
the desert.

Do you want someone who hugs you
and feel sorry with you?

Or do you want a mechanic that fixes it?.


You can be hypnotized. 


You are a perfect hypnotic person.

All people can be hypnotized, you don't need to understand or have knowledge about it.

You are using the same process as you already have and already been using it since you were born.
It is inbuilt in the brain, it is automatic, just like breathing.


And you may discover some inner truths about yourself that you did not know on a conscious level.


Hypnosis is a safe and natural process of deep relaxation. 
It is a specific state that the brain enters into when it is receptive to suggestion.

This "trance" state is not an unusual or abnormal state. 
Probably, it may feel as if you are not in a hypnotic trance at all.

You simply feel more relaxed than usual. 

This can be measured as there is a change in the brainwave activity.
This natural alteration is similar to that time just before someone
smoothly slides into soothing sleep.
It is known as the "alpha" state.

The "waking" state is when beta brain wave activity is predominant
but just when you are going to sleep it changes to alpha and then
to theta and then delta brain wave activity.

Alpha state is a very dreamy, pleasant state.

and creating a rich sensory experience.
The more real the experience becomes
the more effect it will have on your learning.

This experience occurs every day and it is a normal state. 
Like when you are watching a fascinating film,
or if you are driving down a long and boring road
and listening to music that captures a mood
or engrosses you, you are entranced.

And some people even buy music to get into a trance state.


It is perfecly safe.

If something odd happens like a fire,
you would instantly get up
and leave the room but maybe in a more relaxed way(!).

It actually makes us mentally sharper and
more emotionally aware,
and it actually may help keep us safer.

It works by making us more  aware of our surroundings
during the day. You may get a better perception of
what  is happening around you.
You may notice things
that are happening with greater clarity and perhaps make better decisions.


I can't control you,
the concept of control in trance is a misconception
maybe due to Hollywood movies,

You can't be made to do anything
that you ordinarily would not do.

If you are to tired to have a trance session,
you just go into a nice sleep,

you are in control of everything,

trance is like being in a daydream,
you don't sleep but are thinking freely
like being in the "state of flow".

And some people love it.



Often you don't remember the induction
and it is not meant to be remembered either.

I am using language in a way that leads your thoughts
in a learning way.

It is like guiding on a map telling which direction to go.

Most times I give a posthypnotic amnesia
suggesting to you to to forget what you have 
done or been told.

There is nothing in it to remember anyway.



The famous American psychiatrist Milton Erickson, who was possibly the most influensive person in the twentieth century on the use of clinical hypnosis, defined hypnosis as:

"Essentially a communication of ideas and understandings to an individual in such a fashion that they will be most receptive to the presented ideas and thereby be motivated to explore their body potentials for the control of their psychological and physiological responses and behaviour".

If one looks for "What is leadership" one gets maybe 30.000 books on that subject and they are all right.

and probably there are as many on "hypnosis" also. Click to see wikipedia hypnosis.

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